Brennan Humane Society Donation Drive

This past week Northville Rotarians rallied together to gather donations for the Brennan Humane Society, in Gloversville. The animal shelter recently took in dozens of dogs that had been seized and were in desperate need of care. The shelter had asked for donations of dog food, clean towels & blankets, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent.

The Northville Rotary Club was up for the task, gathering enough supplies to fill the back of a van and most of a trailer. Along with the donated supplies, the club provided a check for $500 for additional needs that the Shelter may have related to taking in these sweet animals, especially medical and legal fees.

Anyone wishing to donate supplies or money to the Brennan Humane Society is encouraged to do so. Their PayPal address is Donations can be dropped off at the shelter or mailed to them at 437 Nine Mile Tree Rd Gloversville, NY.

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