Shelterbox for Turkey & Syria

The Northville Rotary has worked for many years with Shelterbox USA. Shelterbox is an awesome organization that provides emergency shelter to communities in emergency situations, such as a natural disaster or conflict.

Each Shelterbox is a self-contained package with all of the essentials that a family would need in order to start rebuilding their lives after a disaster. The box contains a tent, blankets, water storage & purification, cooking utensils, tools, lamps, and other items that are customized to the specific situation.

On February 6th, 2023, Turkey and Syria were hit with a devastating earthquake. The death toll was over 37,000, and over 5 million people were made homeless by the disaster. As well as their regular annual Shelterbox support, The Northville Rotary has donated an additional Shelterbox to provide shelter to a family impacted by the deadly earthquake.

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