Artist Spotlight – Diane Castle Babcock

The Northville Rotary is thrilled to welcome Diane Castle Babcock as one of our featured artists for the 2022 Woodworking & Fine Arts Weekend. Babcock is an award-winning printmaker, specialising in linoleum block print landscapes inspired by the Adirondacks.

Babcock uses traditional printing techniques to create striking scenes, with organic shapes and bold, contrasting colors. “My process is called reduction printing because I use one linoleum block and I cut and print it in stages. I usually create four or five color prints. Linoleum Block printing is a form of stamp printing. I carve the areas that I want to stay the color that I printed last. I ink the raised surface.”

Read more about the artist’s process here

Come stop by her booth this summer to say hello and check out her work!

To learn more about Diana Castle Babcock, visit her facebook page or her website,

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